Sports Hedge extended the opportunity to lead the design of a fantasy sports betting app called Play Book (later renamed Mega Picks).


Wireframing was important to determine the blueprint, since more than 80 screens required designs and/or templates.

Game Page

The general idea is to join a tournament and predict the winner. If you guess correctly, you win prizes. You can reveal the dashboard to manage your tournaments from the pull down.

Pro Picks

Here you can spend credits to improve your odds and see who the Pros are taking. From the pull down dashboard, investigate how the pros have done historically.

Pop Up and Credits

Confirm that you want to spend credits by unlocking the ProPick. You are awarded credits daily, but if you want more, you can buy them to improve your accuracy.

Account Preferences

You customize your preferences and buy credits from the Account page. Receive push notifications indicating you still have picks to make.