Lawn Chair Frisbee is the game that combines frisbee and beer. I published 500 units as a fun design project. It’s based loosely off of the popular drinking game Kings Cup, but with it’s own unique rules.

Macchi C.205 Veltro - Color Series Walk Around No. 58


When you catch the frisbee, flip it over and see where your thumb lands. If you’re sitting down, sipping cold beer—you’re winning.


The 135 g disc is a smaller disc so eight more stickers were added to the inner perimeter to account for thumb creep.


Each frisbee comes with a setup guide so people know what a Throw Down is. Retail friendly packaging and sticker expansion are the vision for future releases of Lawn Chair Frisbee.

Revenue Streams

Lawn Chair Frisbee can be purchased through the website, Ebay and Amazon. Leads are generated via Facebook and Amazon advertising.

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Brand Elements

This is a working canvas during the brand development.