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Inspermatozoa ,however,the y appeart orepresenta permanen tfeatureo fa shortregiono fth eflagellum. Fig. Fuzz y materia l surroundingth efibrous sheat hi s characteristi co fopossumspermatozoa. Fig. Cros ssectionsthroughvariou slevel so fth e principa l piec ean den dpiec eo flat espermatidso fth eChinesehamster. 29 )(43). Th emitochondrial derivative si nsomespeciesar eseveral hundredmicrons longan doccup ymos to fth evolum eo fth ecell . Restin gguineapi gsper matozo aals ohav eth ecentral pai rslightl yobliquet o theplac eo fflatteningo fth esper mhea d(42).

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