By Dan Parks Sydow

The Be working procedure is a smart platform simply watching for purposes. This newbie programming advisor provides C++ programmers their begin to constructing these purposes. a standard advisor to software improvement, this ebook begins with the main uncomplicated strategies and leaves you with an organization beginning for additional learn. It starts off with general "Hello, international" courses and progressively provides parts of the graphical interface, rigorously describing drawing and message dealing with. whereas the point of interest is at the graphical interface, it additionally introduces simple OS positive aspects like threads and dossier dealing with. The courses during this booklet bring together and run on either PowerPC and Intel structures.

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Programming the Be operating system

The Be working method is a smart platform simply expecting functions. This newbie programming advisor supplies C++ programmers their begin to constructing these functions. a conventional advisor to program improvement, this e-book starts off with the main simple strategies and leaves you with an organization starting place for additional examine.

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24 Chapter 1: BeOS Programming Overview Deriving a class from BApplication Every application defines a single class derived from the BApplication class. A program that will be communicating with other programs may define a number of member functions to handle this interapplication communication. A simpler application might define nothing more than a constructor, as shown here: class SimpleApplication : public BApplication { public: SimpleApplication(); }; The SimpleApplication constructor When a Be program starts, it’s common practice for the program to open a single window without any help from the user.

Setting Up a New BeIDE Project 53 Figure 2-11. Choosing a stationery on which to base a new project The act of creating a new project doesn’t provide you with any source code files or a resource file—you’ll need to repeat Step 4. That is, drag and drop the necessary files from the desktop folder to the new project window. If the building of an application results in compilation errors, now’s the time to correct them. This is Step 9. Only after you successfully build an application does it make sense to start making changes to the project’s source code.

The filename extensions provide a hint of the types of files that make up any one project. proj Is a project file that is used to organize the files used by the project Also shown in the HelloWorld folder in Figure 1-6 is a makefile—appropriately named makefile. The BeIDE programming environment supports creation of programs from the command line. That is, you can supply the BeIDE compiler and linker with information by editing a makefile and then running that file from the BeOS Terminal application.

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