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A Modern Method for Guitar - Volume 1

This functional, accomplished process is used because the easy textual content for the guitar application on the Berklee university of track. quantity One builds an outstanding starting place for starting guitarists and lines a entire diversity of guitar and song basics, together with: scales, melodic experiences, chord and arpeggio stories, tips on how to learn tune, exact routines for constructing approach in either fingers, voice prime utilizing transportable chord varieties, and extra.

Joe Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream (Play it Like it is)

From Satriani's hit album, that includes either instrumental and vocal choices equivalent to the name song and: immense undesirable Moon * Day on the seashore * again To Shalla-bal * and 15 extra.

Modern Electric Bass, Revised edition

Jaco Pastorius, one of many maximum bass gamers of all time, solid a landmark bass type that also permeates song this day. His melodic experience, tender contact, and groundbreaking bass grooves have motivated generations of musicians, whereas his track has always crowned readers' and critics' polls around the world.

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Living both below and above the water surface) such as arrowhead. In amphibious plants ask the students to observe the different kinds of leaves on the same plant. VARIATION / EXTENSION The students can compare the stems of land and aquatic plants. The students may be shown the roots of a land plant. FURTHER READING Aquatic Angiosperms by Dr. K. Subramanyam, CSIR. New Delhi EVALUATION • • • • Ask the students questions on the observations made? How can some aquatic plants do without roots? Why are the stems of aquatic plants soft and spongy?

Spread dry leaves at different locations within the area. GROUP SIZE Group of5 Make one student the predator (tiger) and the rest of the group the prey (deer). Blindfold them all including the ‘tiger’. The tiger has to carry the aromatic substance. DURATION 60 minutes The deer have to move all the time. SUITABLE TIME Any time - can be played at night too MATERIALS 5 blindfolds: handkerchiefs may be used. Rope approx. 30m long to cordon off an area. Dry leaves Watch An aromatic substance: a crushed onion or a crushed clove of garlic placed in a container.

51 WEATHER REPORT OBJECTIVES To make students conscious about the changes in weather. To develop skills for observing weather changes. To introduce them to graphic skills. THURST AREA Environment SUBJECT Science, Craft PLACE Classroom GROUP SIZE Entire class DURATION Year-round MATERIALS Card paper, calendar, colour pencils, crayons, or paints ACTIVITY Let the students discuss the weather. How many types of weather conditions can they describe? Ask the students to prepare symbolic drawings of different weather conditions like the ones shown below.

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