By Malcolm Lowe

Arguably Germany's most sensible fighter of the conflict, the Fw a hundred ninety stuck the RAF without notice while it seemed in 1941. It remained unequalled in wrestle until eventually the appearance of the Spitfire Mk IX past due the subsequent 12 months. versions of the Fw one hundred ninety observed motion opposed to the Allies on all fronts of the conflict in Europe, final in motion correct as much as VE-Day. This quantity illustrates the Fw 190's various operations via a hand-picked collection of specialist black and white photos taken in the course of the struggle years.

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Onstruction was carried out by the exi ting team of producers. By the time of the introduction of the -5 model, the Fw 190 wa maturing into a potent, well-armed and ver atile warplane that was equally at home performing fighter, fighterbomber or r connaissance mi sions. It wa capable of holding its own against just about anything that the Allies had to offer, and it was well liked by its pilot for it robustness, firepower and generally excellent handling qualities. The only obvious shortcoming was the type's comparative lack of performance at altitude, but plans were already being formulated by Focke-Wulf's busy design team to addre this anomaly.

The A-7 also featured the four wing-mounted MG 151 cannons as introduced by the Fw 190A-6, and retained the established inboard location of the pitot tube (here beside the starboard outer MG 151 cannon). The pitot fitting was moved to the wing-tip on the later Fw 190A-8. 2190A-8), showing the correct dimensions for the Fw 190A-8, which conflict with many subsequent published sources (Focke-Wulf, Bremen) i i 1 ! Weser and Dornier at it orddeutsche Domier plant at Wismar from March 1944. The A-8's basic armament was similar to that of the A-7, but the underfuselage fittings for the ET 501 stores rack were moved forward 20 cm.

This model, powered by the ]umo 213F, was armed with two MG 151 20 mm cannons in the wing-roots with 250 rounds per gun (rpg) and two outerwing-mounted 30 mm MK 108 cannon with 85 rpg. Seven 'V' numbered development aircraft (V55 to V61) were converted by Focke-Wulf into 0-11 configuration, which amongst other change (compared to the 0-9) included altered engine mounts. The ]umo 213F al 0 had a three-stage upercharger, with a different air intake, rather than the simpler unit of the ]umo 213A. V56 W.

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