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While you're attracted to studying the Java(tm) programming language yet hesitate to dive into overly dense, theoretical assets, necessities of the Java(tm) Programming Language is the precise place to begin. This obtainable, hands-on instructional employs a "learn-by-doing" method of introduce you to the fundamentals. It starts off with an easy software, then develops it little by little, including new positive factors and explaining vital thoughts with every one next lesson. this easy application grows right into a common digital trade program that illustrates a number of the Java 2 platform's most crucial parts. you'll research such Java programming language necessities as: the variation among functions, applets, and servlets/JavaServer Pages(tm) construction a person interface that accepts consumer enter studying and writing info to records and databases community communications, together with RMI and sockets Collections Serialization applications and JAR dossier structure Internationalization protection basics, together with cryptographic software program necessities of the Java(tm) Programming Language ends with a proof of object-oriented programming strategies, made way more comprehensible and correct due to the hands-on event received through the ebook. After operating via this booklet, you've got the basis essential to with ease growth to extra complex studying fabrics for the Java programming language and make the most of the subtleties and extra subtle functions of the language.

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Grundkurs JAVA: Von den Grundlagen bis zu Datenbank- und Netzanwendungen

Der erfolgreiche "Grundkurs Java" in der four. Auflage. Der Leser erh? lt eine strukturierte und anschauliche Einf? hrung in alle grundlegenden Aspekte der Java-Programmierung. Zahlreiche Programmbeispiele und ? bungsaufgaben demonstrieren die Anwendung der verschiedenen Konzepte und Sprachkonstrukte. Der Quellcode aller Programme und die L?

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All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. html Training Index JavaTM Programming Language Basics, Part 1 Lesson 8: Remote Method Invocation [<>] The JavaTM Remote Method Invocation (RMI) application programming interface (API) enables client and server communications over the net. Typically, client programs send requests to a server program, and the server program responds to those requests. A common example is sharing a word processing program over a network. The word processor is installed on a server, and anyone who wants to use it starts it from his or her machine by double clicking an icon on the desktop or typing at the command line.

By default the server name uses port 1099. If you want to use a different port number, you can add it with a colon as follows: kq6py:4444. If you change the port here, you must start the RMI Registry with the same port number. rebind(name, remoteServer); statement. println("Cannot look up server object"); } } } Note: The remoteServer object is type Send (see instance declaration at top of class) because the interface available to clients is the Send interface and its methods; not the RemoteServer class and its methods.

First Instance of Client 1 If you start a second instance of RMIClient1 and type in some text, that text is sent to RMIClient2 when you click the Click Me button. To see the text received by RMIClient2, click its Click Me button. Second Instance of Client 1 File Summary The example program consists of the RMIClient1 program, remote object and interface, and the RMIClient2 program as illustrated in the diagram. The corresponding source code files for these executables are described in the bullet list below.

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