By Jarrod Cotter, Paul Blackah

The mythical Avro Lancaster gets the recognized Haynes handbook therapy with the complete co-operation and authorization of the Royal Air strength. here's a specific point of view on what it takes to revive and function a Lancaster, in addition to a superb perception into the engineering and development of this notable aeroplane. provided normally in colour, this hugely precise and attractively designed publication relies essentially round the significant overhaul of the conflict of england Flight Lancaster at RAF Coningsby.

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The ailerons are operated by a series of cable, chains, tie-rods and control tubes. The system runs along the port side of the fuselage and at the rear wing centre section it enters the port and starboard mainplanes, where it connects to the aileron outer wing bell crank. From there it travels to the aileron input rod and onto the aileron, which is a metal framework covered with Irish linen. The elevator and rudder are operated by control rods that run down the port side of the fuselage to the tailplane where they connect to the controls, which are of T metal construction.

PM. 2 2:7 ' YOKES" OIL FILTER AM REF NO 27 ... H. Iit. RtF NO. M. REF "0. 50 .. N . REF NO 27 A 1'107 R[U[F VALVE HIGH PRESSURE A lot REf NO. ~o E26sa [ 72 lANCASTER MANUAL PRESSURE GAUGE COUPLINGS Ul. REF. NO. N. REF. NO. 50 [ 3234 73 ANATOMY OF THE lANCASTER Bomb bay and loads he Lancaster's bomb bay could hold a variety of bomb loads depending on the operation to be carried out. The BBMF Lancaster has a 4,OOOlb bomb carrier and several 500lb bomb carriers fitted. T Bomb loading Before loading bombs, the bomb cell doors were opened by pushing down the lever on the left -hand side of the pilot's seat.

Set to GROUND when external power available NORMAL - emergency ON Condition. OFF TEST COLD AIR (wire locked) OPEN ON As required As required ON . Day/night screens set DAY. 2 greens. Changeover checked Reset Accelerometer Checked Flight instruments Caged Direction indicator UP Landing lamps Static readings noted Boost gauges Switch ON. Check reading against flap position Flap position indicator Fire warning and feathering button lights Test. Day/night screens set to DAY M gear Supercharger switch Checked.

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