By Christian Plass-Dülmer, Theo Brauers (auth.), J. Rudolph, R. Koppmann (eds.)

Present coverage concerns drawback the relief of ozone degrees by way of controlling its precursors, NOx and risky natural compounds (VOC). VOC are emitted from anthropogenic and biogenic assets. while our realizing of VOC emissions from anthropogenic assets has complex considerably in recent times, there's nonetheless an absence of data about the contribution of biogenic VOC to the funds of natural hint gases and their influence at the formation of ozone within the troposphere. bettering ozone aid suggestions sooner or later calls for a close knowing of the chemical approaches within the troposphere.
This e-book includes the result of atmospheric measurements received in the course of the box crusade POPCORN (Photo-Oxidant Formation by means of Plant Emitted Compounds and OH Radicals in North-Eastern Germany) which used to be conducted to enquire the function and influence of biogenic hint gases on tropospheric chemistry. This quantity describes meteorological occasions and origins of air lots through the crusade, and offers measurements of a number of hint gases, sun radiation and photolysis frequencies. unique realization is given to OH radical measurements and the in-situ comparability of the 2 OH dimension techniques.

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Atmospheric Measurements during POPCORN — Characterisation by Christian Plass-Dülmer, Theo Brauers (auth.), J. Rudolph, R.
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