By Davor Ježek

Atlas at the Human Testis: basic Morphology and Pathology offers histological illustrative fabric from paraffin and semi-thin sections of the human testis that are many times utilized in the overview of testicular morphology, permitting an early detection of carcinoma in situ and extra complicated pathological alterations of the testicular parenchyma. The early detection of melanoma in situ relies at the cautious morphological research of the biopsy and immunohistochemistry (IHC). consequently, this atlas includes distinct descriptions of IHC tools in addition to glossy molecular organic tools similar to DNA microarrays and proteomics and complicated microscopy suggestions regarding the testicular biopsy.

Adequate evaluate of the testicular biopsy results in excessive healing premiums of testicular neoplasms which might be used as a foundation to effectively deal with infertility in males.

Atlas at the Human Testis: general Morphology and Pathology is a important reference software with a view to entice andrologists, urologists, pathologists, scientific embryologists, in addition to reproductive biology scientists.

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However, some cells of mesonephric origin join the gonadal ridge. Furthermore, the gonadal ridge remains connected to the remnant of mesonephros by a fold of peritoneum, the mesorchium, or the mesovarium [4]. During the seventh week, sexual distinction in the gonadal ridge becomes perceptible. The differentiation of the gonadal ridge into a testis is a rapid phenomenon, in contrast to the slow and late development of the ovary. ” Inside the seminiferous tubules, the germ cells are large. They divide actively but do not enter meiosis.

88–99. 3. Sadler TW. Chapter 15: Urogenital system. In: Sadler TW, editor. Langman’s medical embryology. 11th ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott William and Wilkins; 2010. p. 235–63. 4. Duančić V. Development of the urogenital system. In: Švajger A, editor. Basic human embryology [in Croatian]. 9th ed. Zagreb: Medicinska knjiga BeogradZagreb; 1985. p. 129–47. 5 The Fetal Human Testis Marina Kos and Tanja Leniček At our pathology department, all spontaneously aborted fetuses are routinely autopsied and analyzed.

3 Transverse section from the urogenital ridge structures in a 5-week-old human embryo. The superior mesenteric artery (SMA) originates from the dorsal aorta (DA). The arrowheads point to the Müllerian (parameso- G. Jurić-Lekić et al. nephric) duct and the asterisks to the Wolffian (mesonephric) duct. GR gonadal ridge, H hindgut, MG mesonephric glomeruli (H&E stain; scale bar, 100 mm) Fig. 5 Transverse section from a 5-week-old human embryo. The gonadal ridge (GR) appears in front of the mesonephric glomerulus (MG) within Bowman’s capsule (BC) (H&E stain; scale bar, 100 mm) Fig.

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