By Brigitte Martin, M. Donon, H. Hricak

Ultrasonography is a longtime method used as an sonographic findings are illustrated with prime quality adjunct to the actual exam within the review photos reflecting the author's long term adventure. of scrotal ailments. This publication presents the reader with The publication is meant to be a whole consultant to a accomplished evaluate of testicular illnesses and the sensible ultrasound purposes of testicular illnesses of those illnesses on ultrasonography. visual appeal for the physicians in education, normal radiologists, and Dr. Martin is without doubt one of the best investigators who ultrasound experts. The contents combine the es­ early well-known the worth and enthusiastically pursued sential medical features of many of the ailments the potential of ultrasound for the analysis of scrotal (symptoms, actual findings, epidemiology) with in­ illnesses. Her event has been accrued over seve­ formation bearing on their analysis and remedy. ral years, so the richness and intensity of description of according to huge own event, the writer the panoply of scrotal ailments is certainly comprehen­ succeeds brilliantly in offering a complete in­ sive. The designated description of the method should still sight into the issues of testicular diseases.

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Acute inflammation of scrotal contents abnormalities of the spermatic cord. Sagittal section of the superior half of the testis. Severe orchitis (frankl y hypoechoic testis) associated with dilated vessels in the cord giving the appearances of varicosities; the appearances are more suggestive of a varicocele enlarged by local inflammation than simply a dilatation of the veins secondary to hyperaemia. However,only the persistence of a varicocele some time after the acute episode can confirm the diagnosis.

Cutaneous complications. Transverse section through both testes. Severe orchitis (marked hypoechoge nicity) with thickening of the in vesting layers, including the medi an raphe, mainly hypoechoic punctuated with several small hyperechoic areas. These findings would suggest possibl e fistula formation and is an indication for parenteral antibiotic treatment Thickened layers of the scrotum Testis Echogenicities with variable acoustic attenuation a Inferior pole of the testis Perineo-scrotal thickening b Fig.

A Sagittal section of the superior pole. Cord abnormally visible due to enlargement, hypoechogenic (loose torsion), persistent Doppler arterial signal. b Sagittal section. Small epididymal head remains in place. Testis slightly tumefied, almost nonnal echo pattern. Conclusion: Loose torsion of a single tum. surgically proven Epididymal head Testis - + - - - - - - / a b Fig. 32a, b. Tight torsion of ~permatic cord in the subacute stage. Ultrasound performed twelve days following the onset of pain in one testis in a forty five year old man, initially treated as epididymo- orchitis with antibiotics and anti-inflam matory drugs.

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