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Wundt’s own research was concerned primarily with the senses, especially vision, but he and his coworkers also studied attention, emotion, and memory. Wundt relied on introspection to study mental processes. Introspection refers to observing and recording the nature of one’s own perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Examples of introspections include people’s reports of how heavy they perceive an object to be and how bright a flash of light seems to be. The introspective method was inherited from philosophy, but Wundt added a new dimension to the concept.

Tenney (1982) ‘Recall of An Early Memory adapted from ‘Memory for a Salient Childhood Event’ from U. ) Memory Observed: Remembering in Natural Context, copyright © 1982 by W. H. Freeman & Company. S. adults are obese; their weight is 30 percent or more above the level that would be appropriate for their body structure and height. Obesity is dangerous. It increases vulnerability to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Psychologists are interested in what factors lead people to eat too much.

He made many important observations about how the brain controls various organs of the body. These observations set the stage for what became the biological perspective in psychology. Nature–nurture debate One of the earliest debates about human psychology is still raging today. This nature–nurture debate centers on the question of whether human capabilities are inborn or acquired through experience. The nature view holds that human beings enter the world with an inborn store of knowledge and understanding of reality.

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