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D the weapons of the conquered armies. Most of these '. =3p o ns were put into storage but some were put into use as fully - ~d g e d members of the Wehrmacht inventory. There were many Pak , ~ 3 p o ns in this category, some of which are described below . -= Russian guns captured during the heady victorious days of the __ an advances of 1941 and 1942. 3 lefield. ,mu nition. ailable so the captured 7·62 em guns were turned against their =: • er owners as a quick stop-gap and later as a re-designed and O"S 'ablished weapon.

This modified barrel was placed on to the carriage of the 5 cm Pak 38, although a few used the 7 ·5 cm Pak 40 carriage when they were known as the 7·5 cm Pak 97 / 40. Ammunition used came from French, German and Polish sources so the gun can be regarded as a highly economical piece of improvisation. I I 7·62 em Pak 36(r) and Pak 39(r) CAPTURED in huge numbers, the Pak 36 gun became a standard German type and was widely used on all fronts from 1941 until the war's end. It saw German service in two forms.

Note the extra-large wheels and the recoil cvlinder on top of the barrel. (IWM-MH 7752) . LEFT: The breech and sighting mechanism of a 4·7 cm Pak 181 /1 83 (f) (I WM­ MH7791 ). 4·7 em Pak 181 (f) THIS French gun , captured in some numbers when France was occupied in 1940, was not widely used outside France. However, it was issued to occupation forces in France and this type was still in service in 1944 when the Allies started the NW Europe campaign. The heavy disc-type wheels with prominent cast spokes and solid rubber tyres were a distinctive feature.

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