By Khalid Arar; Tamar Shapira; Faisal Azaiza; Rachel Hertz-Lazarowitz;

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Their considerations were influenced by local government, the politicians; but I really impressed them. In one particular tender, I was appointed and what happened was really ugly; I received direct threats against my family, a bomb was thrown at us. I had to give in. The mayor even sent someone to persuade me to give the post up and said that in the next tender they would look after me. I’m known in the community as an excellent teacher; I have good relations with parents, children, and the management.

It seems that men, by nature, seek prestige and status, while women aspire to create successful relationships (Coleman, 2011; Grogan & Shakeshaft, 2011; Klenke, 2011). According to Powell and Graves (2003), literature concerning women in management dates back to the 1960s and 1970s. A seminal work in this field was “Men and Women of the Corporation” by Kanter (1977). Kanter referred to the relatively few women given prominent positions in management as “token” women. These few “tokens” are often held up as symbols or representatives for all women.

The question is, is this really what she wanted? Does she achieve self-realization or not? Munira, a nonreligious Muslim woman, is married with four children and now a grandmother. She has a master’s degree in educational evaluation and completed a management course. For 14 years she has managed an elementary school. In school, I was the pedagogic coordinator. It was very difficult for me in a male society that did not believe in women’s abilities. ” In the end, the principal took the job away from me.

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Arab Women in Management and Leadership: Stories from Israel by Khalid Arar; Tamar Shapira; Faisal Azaiza; Rachel
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