By Gordon M. L. Cragg, David Kingston, David J. Newman

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Atlas of Staging in Gynecological Cancer

"Atlas of Staging in Gynecological melanoma" is designed for use along side diagnostic techniques among the doctor and the radiologist. It describes the 2 universal staging regimes utilized by all devices the world over, particularly, the FIGO staging approach and the TNM approach. The ‘landscape’ layout permits each one bankruptcy to open at the left hand facet and skim around the double unfold, permitting the reader to work out either staging platforms without delay.

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5). These drugs include CA4P (discovered by George R. ; see appropriate references throughout), AVE806292,93,131 (discovered by Ajinomoto, Inc. [AC7700] and sponsored by Aventis), and ZD-6126132–135 (licensed from Angiogene Pharmaceuticals UK and sponsored by AstraZeneca). The similarity of CA4P and AVE8062 to the natural product CA4 is obvious. Likewise, the six, seven, six ring fusion in ZD-6126 is highly reminiscent of the six, seven, seven (tropolone) ring system of the natural product colchicine.

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Anticancer Agents from Natural Products by Gordon M. L. Cragg, David Kingston, David J. Newman
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