By Stephen M. Tomecek

The act of speaking isn't just a human trait. From bugs and birds to fish and mammals, so much animals use a few form of communique to aid them get meals, discover a mate, and shield their territory. "Animal verbal exchange" explores the numerous alternative ways during which animals speak and examines a few of the newest medical discoveries concerning animal intelligence and conversation. Readers also will find out how scientists are operating to make the dream of speaking at once with animals a truth.

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Chances are, your dog is picking up scents left behind by another dog, even though you can’t smell a thing. 44 AnimAl communicAtion ELEPHant LoVE PotionS when it comes to mating, a male elephant has a unique way of telling whether a female is in estrus or not. the male elephant will follow the female until she urinates. then he dips the tip of his trunk into the liquid and touches it to the roof of his mouth. this is where his vomeronasal organ is located. if the female elephant is in estrus, a pheromone will send a signal to the male elephant’s brain that will cause nitric oxide to be produced in his blood.

For some animals, tails are useful for making sounds. When beavers are alarmed, they slap their large flat tails against the water. This alerts other beavers to danger. Rattlesnakes also use their tails to communicate. Like most snakes, when rattlesnakes grow, they shed their skin. In young rattlesnakes, the last scale on the end of the tail doesn’t shed. It stays attached to the snake’s body by a cord-like structure. Each time the snake sheds its skin, the last scale doesn’t shed. As the snake grows, these scales build up.

Because we can’t hear them, scientists didn’t know until recently that animals made these sounds. in the early 1980s, ethologist katy payne was working with elephants at a zoo in portland, oregon. she felt some unusual (continues) African elephants are among those animals that communicate with sounds humans can’t hear. 52 AnimAl communicAtion (continued) vibrations in her chest. she suspected that the elephants were the source. using a high-tech device called a sound spectrograph, payne recorded and analyzed the silent signals that were produced by the animals.

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