By Ray Long

Grasp the technology in the back of the arm balances and inversions of Hatha Yoga. Dr. Ray lengthy courses you on a visible narrative during the anatomy, biomechanics, and body structure of this historic paintings, interpreting each one pose alongside the best way. The Mat Companion sequence provide you with superbly illustrated, step by step directions on the best way to use clinical rules to procure the utmost reap the benefits of your perform. every one e-book comprises the Bandha Yoga Codex, an easy five-step approach that may be utilized to any pose to enhance power, flexibility, and precision -- it doesn't matter what type of yoga you perform.

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The posterior deltoids contribute to this action. Draw the shoulders away from the neck with the lower third of the trapezius. Note how this opens the chest. 32 YOGA MAT C O M PANION BOOK� S T E P 6 Engage the tibialis anterior to lift the tops of the feet toward the shins. This draws the heels toward the mat, stretching the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the calves and the flexor muscles of the toes. Then contract the peroneus longus a n d brevis muscles on the sides of the lower legs to evert the ankles, pressing the balls o f the feet into the floor.

The pectineus and adductors longus and brevis flex the hips and tilt the pelvis forward. The sartorius and rectus fem01 is also flex the hips, since they cross the joint on their way to the knee. Note the origins of these muscles on the a n terior superior iliac spine (ASIS) and the anterior inferior iliac spine (AilS). Activating them draws t he pelvis forward. A cue for contracting the rectus femoris is to lift the kneecap (where the muscle inserts). The sartorius is more difficult to isolate, but it will engage when you flex the hip, especially i f you externally rotate the femur.

This can be used to counterbalance the forward momentum of the body. Once you attain sta­ bility, engage the triceps and chest muscles to lift the torso upwards. BASIC JOINT POSITIONS • • The shoulders flex, adduct, and externally rotate. • One knee flexes and the other extends. • The straight-leg ankle plantar flexes, • The elbows extend. the foot everts, and the toes extend. • The forearms pronate. The bent-leg ankle dorsiflexes, the foot • The wrists extend. everts, and the toes extend. • The cervical spine extends.

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