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87 The fourth thing to bear in mind is that the impulse to empire in the American political class remains strong. 92 The impulse to empire, however, remains fully intact. As the United States pulls back the number of its soldiers deployed in combat zones abroad, those zones remain areas of combat fought now between local insurgents and ever more sophisticated US military technology, which is often deployed from locations far from the zones themselves. As we noted earlier, the “pre-emptive strike” philosophy that took American troops into Baghdad in 2003 now takes drones into the airspace of countries as disparate as Pakistan and Yemen (and in 2013 also into Niger).

97 Weakening Economic Underpinnings: (3) Labor As US manufacturing companies relocate production abroad, their CEOs often place the blame for that relocation on trade union bargaining power and on high American wages. Yet the relationship between wages and outsourcing is far more complicated than that. Contrary to the impression often created, blue-collar wages in the United States are no longer the highest in the industrialized world. S. S. 99 American firms are, however, freer than others to move production abroad without penalty, and there are many labor forces in the developing world willing to work for less than workers in the industrialized world.

African Americans and Hispanic Americans are three times as likely to be trapped in low-income or welfare-based poverty than are their Caucasian equivalents,113 and, if you are African American and a male, you are significantly more likely than your white counterpart to find yourself excluded from employment altogether by virtue of incarceration. There was a time when the bulk of the US prison population was white: but not now. Now it is black and Hispanic. 119 Americans talk the language of freedom and see themselves as uniquely free.

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