By Oriana Josseau Kalant (auth.), Oriana Josseau Kalant (eds.)

Over the decade the area has skilled a becoming curiosity in difficulties linked to the nonmedical use of substances. This curiosity has corresponded to a true progress within the quantity, variety, and social influence of using alcohol and medicine in lots of societies. accordingly, the volume of study and writing just about drug difficulties has drastically elevated, and it has turn into very tricky for one person to take care of with the entire appropriate literature. there's therefore an acute want within the box for severe reports that check present advancements, and the current sequence is meant to fill this desire. The sequence isn't really to be an "annual overview" within the traditional experience. the purpose isn't to hide all of the paintings mentioned through the previous 12 months on the subject of a set collection of subject matters. quite, it's to offer every year evaluative papers on issues within which sufficient fresh growth has been made to change the overall scope in a specific zone. due to the multidisciplinary nature of difficulties of drug use and dependence, the papers released in each one quantity should be drawn from numerous disciplines. in spite of the fact that, a few volumes can be dedicated to one partic­ ular challenge, with person studies and papers studying numerous points of it. The composition of the editorial board and the foreign advisory board displays those pursuits. The editors are individuals of the senior medical employees of the habit examine starting place of Ontario.

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Economic and Family Life The 50-year period during which the major transformation in popular attitudes about alcohol occurred (roughly 1785-1835) was also a period of massive transformation in American society. Changes in the period included the weakening or destruction of many of the social and political structures of colonial society; the weakening of traditional forms of social control, and the decline of working-class respect for authority and hierarchy; the rise of the cities; the increasing domination of economic life by the market; and the growth of an urban middle class.

The unease about and the relative rareness of extended discussion of women's drunkenness suggest the heavy investment that middle-class men had in the image of women as pure and virtuous -too many examples of drunken women, especially middle-class ones, could undermine the whole model of the middle-class family. S. 35 poor and working-class women and among immigrants. Still, the central problem was always defined as drinking by men. * The Woman as Victim While women were rarely portrayed as drunkards, the victimization of women by liquor and the liquor traffic was an obvious fact of life for many 19th-century women and men.

Reason was so nearly dethroned, and the fear that the husband would come and rob her of her child-the only possession she had-that if the bell rang, or she heard a step on the veranda, she would clutch the child and hasten to place of hiding. (pp. 469/470) It was a tale of failure within the middle class: the son and daughter, who appeared to have the good life set out for them, fell into terrible ruin because their father took to drink. " Fictional stories and novels were especially appropriate vehicles for illustrating the awful consequences of drink for family life and for women.

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Alcohol and Drug Problems in Women by Oriana Josseau Kalant (auth.), Oriana Josseau Kalant (eds.)
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