By R. Pant J. P. Fielding

Plane layout 2 (1999) 239 - 255

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Even prior to there have been runways, the world south of the town of Seattle used to be Washington's aviation hub. Charles Hamilton, a daredevil dubbed loopy guy of the Air, turned the 1st flyer within the kingdom while he coaxed his Curtiss biplane into the sky over Meadows Racetrack in 1910. He speedily crashed.

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Even though this extraordinary, piston-engined dive-bomber was once built too overdue for carrier in international conflict II, it served with contrast in either Korea and Vietnam. Its rugged building and skill to hold greater than 3 hundreds ordnance made it excellent for a wide selection of projects, thereby making sure its sturdiness.

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17: SUU-20B/A bomb/rocket dispensers. 18: BLU-27 7501b fire bomb. 19: Gravity nuclear weapons. 20: 30mm gun pods. 21: 610 US gal fuel tank. 22: AN/ALQ-119(V) ECM pod. 23: LANTIRN targetting (right) and navigation (left) pods. 24: Pave Tack all-weather attack system. 34 Each MER was cleared to hold six Mk-82 5001lb (227kg) low-drag or "Snakeye" retarded bombs or six Mk-20 "Rockeye" dispensers or four CBU-52B, CBU-58B or CBU-71B dispensers. Alternatively, three BLU-27B fire bombs could be carried on each point or a single Mk-84 2,000lb (907kg) low-drag bomb.

Was. quite literally, a disaster for them; over 8O aircraft being lost in air combat at no cost to the Israelis. As would be expected, the F-15 performed excellently, accounting for no fewer than 42 Syrian aircraft. Full details of Eagle victories in Israeli service are not available, but the table details data that had been made available to August 31, 1982, when yet another "Foxbat" fell to an Eagle. 5 to zero—has never been surpassed in the history of air combat, but, even then, it was not all over.

It is generally recognised that in order to survive against a modern defensive network and penetrate to the target, transonic speed at ultra-low altitude is needed, with a dedicated terrain-following radar for the night and 40 Above: This close-up of the stores stations of the dual-role fighter demonstrator shows it to be carrying conventional "iron" bombs plus AIM-9L and AGM-88A missiles. bad-weather mission. At heights of just 200ft (61m) or even lower, turbulence is severe and the ability of the aeroplane to fly the mission effectively for extended periods—a short time is not too bad but after that crew efficiency suffers—depends on what is known as its gust response, which is basically the way it copes with up and down-draughts.

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