By Martin van Creveld, Kenneth S Brower, Steven L Canby, Air University Press

268 pages - Manneuver struggle in motion - Germany - Russia - images - Israel - Air energy in Nineties

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Even earlier than there have been runways, the world south of the town of Seattle used to be Washington's aviation hub. Charles Hamilton, a daredevil dubbed loopy guy of the Air, turned the 1st flyer within the country while he coaxed his Curtiss biplane into the sky over Meadows Racetrack in 1910. He rapidly crashed.

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Even though this outstanding, piston-engined dive-bomber used to be built too past due for provider in international battle II, it served with contrast in either Korea and Vietnam. Its rugged building and skill to hold greater than 3 lots of ordnance made it perfect for a wide selection of projects, thereby making sure its toughness.

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Thus, in table 2, we see that while soldiers eat the same wherever they may be on the battlefield, their use of ammunition, fuel, and spares 15 AIR POWER AND MANEUVER WARFARE varies as much as 13 :1 for ammunition, 6 :1 for fuel, and 3 :1 for spares according to their division's task in the battle. Maneuver armies recognize and capitalize on this phenomenon. Attrition armies do not and cannot. Today's US Army and USMC espouse maneuver doctrine; however, their organizational practice remains premised on attrition style warfare.

The war was anything but a neat, classic blitzkrieg (lightning war), and subsequent attempts to present it as a prelude to one do not carry conviction. There were other reasons why, from the Condor Legion's point of view, large-scale operativ warfare was just not in the cards. The main fighter was the He-51, a biplane with a fixed landing gear that was completely outclassed by the Soviet-supplied I-16 Rata. Practically the only role for which the He-51 could still be used was close support. This was all the more important because the Nationalists were short of artillery and were forced to rely on air power to make up the shortage.

The ideal of the Kesselschlacht remained unaltered; the question was how to gain the freedom of movement necessary for carrying it out . The conventional solution, repeatedly advocated by Chief of Staff Hans von Seeckt during the early twenties, was to rely on highly trained infantry forces employing 1918-style infiltration tactics on a larger scale while taking advantage of every kind of modern weapon, 26 EARLY GERMAN CAMPAIGNS including the air force . 12 This was never very convincing, and during the thirties a group of younger officers began to look at "fast forces" (schnelle Truppen) as the solution to restoring mobility and thus allowing maneuvers aimed at the enemy's flank and rear.

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Air power and maneuver warfare by Martin van Creveld, Kenneth S Brower, Steven L Canby, Air
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