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These fibers reach the medial hypothalamus through the periventricular sec and ventral tegmental area-MFB systems. ) Other ascending fibers enter the diencephalon more laterally, through the zona incerta-Forel's field. In the diencephalon these fibers join the MFB. or from the ascending part of the decussatio supraoptica. Some of these fibers could be traced to terminate in the NVM. A comparison of various lesions reveals that pathways running dorsally in the midbrain tegmentum are found dorsally (in the MFB) or laterally (subthalamic region) in the diencephalon; those located more ventrally and medially in the tegmentum also keep their position in the rostral regions.

21. Schematic summary of courses and terminations of fibers running through the zona incerta-Forel's field (decussatio supraoptica). Cells of origin are show on the basis of HRP injections into the retrochiasmatic area. Topography of pathways as judged from literature and own data. Shaded area in top figure is shown in the upper right micrograph. (Luxol fast blue-cresyl violet stain. 1 Methodological Considerations The three types of approaches - anterograde degeneration, retrograde HRP transport, and biochemystry - did not conform in all results.

This is supported by the fact that the cells of the bed nucleus can be labeled from the posterior pituitary (Wiegand and Price 1980, Kelly and Swanson 1980). Bilateral lesions placed in the medial basal amygdala significantly decreased somatostatin-like immunoreactivity in the ME (Crowley and Terry 1980). From the olfactory tubercle, Halasz et al. (I979) were able to follow fibers to the ME with light microscopic autoradiography. The interpretation of these data requires a great deal of caution, and it seems that the question whether the amygdala and other limbic structures contribute to the innervation of median eminence can be answered by further, mainly electron microscopic (autoradiography or degeneration), studies.

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