By Gang Feng and Rogelio Lozano (Auth.)

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, Pages ix-xiii

, Pages xv-xix
1 - Adaptive inner version control

, Pages 1-22
2 - An set of rules for powerful adaptive keep an eye on with much less past knowledge

, Pages 23-40
3 - Adaptive variable constitution control

, Pages 41-62
4 - oblique adaptive periodic control

, Pages 63-79
5 - Adaptive stabilization of doubtful discrete-time platforms through switching keep watch over: the tactic of localization

, Pages 80-118
6 - Adaptive nonlinear keep watch over: Passivation and small achieve techniques

, Pages 119-158
7 - lively id for regulate of discrete-time doubtful nonlinear systems

, Pages 159-183
8 - optimum adaptive monitoring for nonlinear systems

, Pages 184-214
9 - reliable adaptive platforms within the presence of nonlinear parametrization

, Pages 215-259
10 - Adaptive inverse for actuator compensation

, Pages 260-286
11 - reliable multi-input multi-output adaptive fuzzy/neural control

, Pages 287-307
12 - Adaptive strong keep an eye on scheme with an program to PM synchronous motors

, Pages 308-327

, Pages 329-335

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2, 182-197. [6] Praly, L. (1983). 'Robustness of Model Reference Adaptive Control', Proc. 3rd Yale Workshop on Application of Adaptive System Theory, New Haven, Connecticut. [7] Praly, L. (1987). 'Unmodelled Dynamics and Robustness of Adaptive Controllers', presented at the Workshop on Linear Robust and Adaptive Control, Oaxaca, Mexico. [8] Petersen, B. B. and Narendra, K. S. (1982). 'Bounded Error Adaptive Control', IEEE Trans. Automat. , Vol. AC-27, 1161-1168. [9] Samson, C. (1983). 'Stability Analysis of Adaptively Controlled System Subject to Bounded Disturbances', Automatica, Vol.

1. If 0i(0)> [0;I,~j(0) _ ~ , then the output tracking error will converge to zero in finite time with all signals inside the closed loop system remaining bounded. 13). 12) becomes 2n Vb = -e-rQme- ~_, leowjlCOj- 10;I)- le01(~l - ~ ; ) - le01(~2-/~)m j=l <_ --e T Qme <__- k 3 Vb for some k3 > 0 since Oj(t)> 1OTl,~(t)> ~*,vt >_ 0. This implies that e approaches zero at least exponentially fast. Furthermore, by the fact that eoeo = eo{CmAme + Cmem(up - o*l-w -}" 0 ,T Wdo -I- O~nM-l(s)[do] + pA(s)[ue])} 2n.

In fact, F ( r s ) can be any Hurwitz polynomial in rs 1 with degree at least two and F(0) = 1. In the literature, F ( r s i is referred to as an averaging filter, which is obviously a low-pass filter whose bandwidth can be arbitrarily enlarged as r ~ 0. In other words, if r is smaller and 1 smaller, the filter F ( r s ) is flatter and flatter. ,C~p_l) for some 82 > 0. 28) with 0j(0) > 0, 3i(0) > 0 and 7j > 0, #j > 0. 23) will be clear. 30) It is noted that the auxiliary error eal is now explicitly expressed as the output term of a linear system with SPR transfer function M(s)Ll (s) driven by some uncertain signals due to unknown parameters, output disturbances, unmodelled dynamics and unknown high frequency gain sign.

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