By Carlos Rotellar

A short, transparent, functional, and funny method of acute renal insufficiency.

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1983) also found a synergistic antitumor effect of IFN-a and TNF. 1 2 Department of Urology, Radboud University Hospital, Nijmegen, The Netherlands Department of Urology, Eppendorf University Hospital, Hamburg, FRG Investigative Urology 3 Edited by H. Riibben et al. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1989 In Vitro Sensitivity of Three Human Renal Tumor Xenografts 31 Because transplantation of human RCC into athymic nude mice provides experimental tumor models which make the development of new therapeutic approaches possible (Balkwill et al.

The combination of IFN-a with IFN-y acted synergistically but was the least active. In conclusion, the three xenografts show distinct but different in vitro sensitivities towards IFN-a, IFN-y, and TNF. Most sensitive was the NU-12 xenograft, which appeared sensitive for all three BRMs. Least sensitive was the HAM-II xenograft which was only moderately sensitive towards the three BRMs. The HAM-III xenograft appeared to be sensitive for IFN-a and TNF but showed no or hardly any sensitivity towards IFN-y.

This agrees well with numerous growth curves of human renal cell carcinomas published by other authors. This great variation can easily be explained by the well-known heterogeneity of renal cell carcinomas as such as well as by the arbitrary choice of the excised tumor material for xenografting. Variation of the growth curves of the successive generations of one and the same tumor (Fig. 2b) is less but still exists and demonstrates that growth in the nude mouse not only depends on the heterogeneity of the particular tumor but also on the arbitrarily transplanted amount of viable tumor cells or connective tissue.

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