By Hilary Lawson

Lawson presents a complete examine the historical past of western suggestion, the evolution of technological know-how and its makes an attempt to supply us with a ''theory of everything'' and an evaluate of the relativist a number of truths.

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Moreover it was shown that this inconsistency leads to paradoxes and confusions which threaten to undermine our most central theories and beliefs. Yet if the world is not a thing or a combination of things it cannot be that we identify things in the world, nor that through language we describe these things or how they are related. As a result the state of things cannot account for the truth and falsity of our descriptions. If the world is not a thing or combination of things, then there is in the world no sun and moon, no sea, no sky, no houses or people, tables or chairs, no leaves, no bits of dust.

The case that has been made in this prologue began by arguing that our current thinking is beset with problems of self-reference so insistent, invasive, and destructive that alternatives must be sought. It went on to argue that the source of these problems stems from the outset of the empirical/rationalist project to provide an accurate description of the world, and that as a consequence a retreat into the seeming certainties of the past is unlikely to be a fruitful option. It has now been proposed that the flaw in the project to accurately describe the world, a project that could be argued to have typified Western culture since the Enlightenment, is to be found in the very notion of the world as a something which itself consists of things that might be described or whose relations might be described.

If the goal of the Great Project is an ideal how can we know this to be the case, for such knowledge would be an example of a truth the possibility of which is seemingly denied? Either we take the claim that ‘the Great Project is an unattainable ideal’ as a truth, in which case this element of knowledge is not ideal and has been attained, or we do not take it as truth in which case it falls to reflexive paradox. If the claim is true and this element of knowledge is not ideal, in order to avoid immediate paradox we will require an account of the type of knowledge that is possible and not unattainable.

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A Story of Everything by Hilary Lawson
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