By Bénédicte Lemmelijn

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8:8 4QExodc: cf. E. M. , DJD 12, 104, 106. In Exod. 8:8 4QExodc we encounter a supralinear correction inserting the word ‫ פרעה‬where it would seem to have been omitted from the main text. 7 3. Exod. 8:21 4QpaleoGen-Exodl: Cf. W. Skehan, E. E. Sanderson, DJD 9, 29. The letters ]‫ [·י‬are located in DJD 9 in verse 21, although without specification of their precise situation. For this reason I have rendered both possibilities in relation to v. 8 In our opinion, however, the ‫ י‬in the first word (‫ )ויאמר‬of verse 22 ought not to be excluded.

My attempts along this same line (the determination of “preferable” readings with respect to individual variants, BL) should not be interpreted primarily as an argument for or against in the theoretical debate about the existence of an Urtext. I would need a much broader base of evidence before I would personally be in a position to make such a general decision. ’ presentation of the textual material 27 seems too hypothetical, especially when one accounts for the fact that the development of each individual biblical book took place in such a variety of ways that it is impossible to establish a clear image thereof.

7:28 MSamP ≠ G Exod. 7:28 M ≠ GSamP Exod. 7:28 M ≠ GSamP 27 ‫—דבר‬εἰπεν: different translation (cf. 30 Moreover, difference in number. The Hebrew ‫ מימי‬is a plural form while the Greek ὑδωρ is singular. ‫ואמרת‬, και ἐρεις — ‫ודברת‬: different translation (cf. supra)31 ‫—גבול‬τα ὁρια: difference in number, singular—plural32 ‫—ושׁרץ‬και ἐξερευξεται: difference in meaning. 33 ‫ = ו‬MSamP+: conjunction ‫—בביתך‬εἰς τους οἰκους σου, ‫בבתיך‬: difference in number, singular—plural34 ‫—ובחדר‬και εἰς τα ταμιεια, ‫ובחדרי‬: difference in number, singular—plural Cf.

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