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For post-examination discussion, either group’s SD will do as different classes are likely to have SDs close to each other in size (again, where a difference makes no practical difference). Let us go back to the two classes. 0 and Mr. 27. 02) between the two effects and two sizes is in the second decimal place and makes no difference. 5. 2 and below). Thus, it may be reasonable to ignore the difference of four marks. 8 or above, large effect. 5 is the upper limit for small ES and, at the same time, the lower limit for medium ES.

And what does this mean? Let us say four students score 90, 85, 75, and 60. They are ranked 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. The differences between ranks are all 2 − 1 = 1, 3 − 2 = 1, and 4 − 3 = 1. However, the differences in scores are different: 90 − 85 = 5, 85 − 75 = 10, and 75 − 60 = 15. This means that the same rank differences are not the same score differences. In other words, a difference in rank between the first two students is 1 and the corresponding score difference is 5, but the same is not true for the difference between the third and the fourth students (rank difference 1, but score difference 15).

4 Sex effect on the relationship between English and Math Moderator variable A third variable may work in another way but not spuriously. For instance, if Mr. Tan analyzes the data separately for boys and girls, he may find that English and Math have a strong correlation for boys, but it is much weaker for girls. In this case, the strength of relation between English and Math changes with the change of the third variable (sex). That is to say, there is a moderation effect of sex on the relationship between English and Math.

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