By Ann Bond

This useful advisor treats the mechanics and evolution of the software and provides a survey of its literature. the writer discusses contact and process, together with articulation and fingering, and the problems eager about historic functionality practices. She additionally offers feedback on determining and retaining a harpsichord.

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The best echo effects in baroque music come from contrasting the coupled manuals, played from the lower keyboard, with the top manual on its own. (J. S. ) Another possibility is to use the eight-foot and four-foot of the lower manual, uncoupled, for the forte and the top manual for the piano passages. There are other musical uses for two manuals, besides the obvious one of getting contrasts of volume or timbre. We shall note in chapter 14 how French composers explored interesting textures in the pièce croisée.

The harpsichord and its music certainly fall within this time limit, and within the main area of the definition given above. Beneath the present impressive blossoming of early music there lies an extensive root system. To play music of the past, one needs to draw on the support of a number of other activities. For instance, there is research into the history of instrument building, which finds further expression in the work of the large numbers of builders now engaged in creating copies of old instruments; research into manuscript and printed musical texts, and the publishing thereof (sometimes in facsimile editions); and research into performanceconducted both by musicologists who investigate sources and by musicians who experiment with the playing techniques of original instrumentswhich aims to discover more about how the music was originally played.

Notably, their strings do not run straight ahead in front of the player, as in the harpsichord, but are set at a different angle to the keyboard. Both spinets and virginals have only one eight-foot register. Their compass may also be fairly short, which enables the size to be modestthese are purely domestic instruments. In appearance, historic specimens range from undecorated or even quite roughly built to exquisitely ornate. Generally, they are richly resonant in relation to their size, having more strength in the fundamental pitch and less in the higher harmonics than the harpsichord.

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