By Li-Xin Wang

Provides a accomplished, self-tutorial path in fuzzy good judgment and its expanding function up to the mark theory. The e-book solutions key questions on fuzzy structures and fuzzy keep watch over. It introduces easy techniques resembling fuzzy units, fuzzy union, fuzzy intersection and fuzzy supplement. find out about fuzzy kin, approximate reasoning, fuzzy rule bases, fuzzy inference engines, and a number of other equipment for designing fuzzy systems. For specialist engineers and scholars utilising the foundations of fuzzy common sense to paintings or learn up to the mark idea.

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2. 3. 10) with w = 3. 4. 13). 18) we have s(a,b) 2 max(a,b). Next we prove s(a, b) 5 sd,(a, b). If b = 0, then from Axiom s l we have s(a, b) = 40 Further Operations on Fuzzy Sets Ch. 3 s(a, 0) = a, thus s(a, b) = sd,(a, b). By the commutative condition Axiom s2 we have s(a,b) = sd,(a,b) if a = 0. If a # 0 and b # 0, we have Thus s(a, b) _< sd,(a, b) for all a, b E [O,l]. 8): sx(a,b) converges to the basic fuzzy union max(a, b) as the parameter X goes to infinity and converges to the drastic sum sd,(a, b) as X goes to zero.

35 Sec. 1. 1), c [ p (x)] ~ = 1- pA(x). In order for the function c to be qualified as a complement, it should satisfy at least the following two requirements: Axiom cl. c(0) = 1 and c(1) = 0 (boundary condition). Axiom c2. For all a,b E [0, 11, if a < b, then c(a) 2 c(b) (nonincreasing condition), where (and throughout this chapter) a and b denote membership functions of some fuzzy sets, say, a = ,UA(X) and b = p~ (x). Axiom c l shows that if an element belongs to a fuzzy set to degree zero (one), then it should belong to the complement of this fuzzy set to degree one (zero).

2. Model the following expressions as fuzzy sets: (a) hard-working students, (b) top students, and (c) smart students. 3. Consider the fuzzy sets F, G and H defined in the interval U = [O, 101 by the membership functions Determine the mathematical formulas and graphs of membership functions of each of the following fuzzy sets: (a) F , G , H (b) F U G , F U H , G U H 33 Sec. 5. 4. 9, and (d) a = 1. 5. Let fuzzy set A be defined in the closed plane U = [-I, 11x [-3,3] with membership function Determine the projections of A on the hyperplanes HI = {x E Ulxl = 0) and H2 = {x E U1x2 = 01, respectively.

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