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2) CLEANING :When an ultrasonic wave is applied to a vessel containing liquid, cavities are formed in the liquid that releases high atmospheric pressure and so the break and drift is cleaned without damaging any parts. (3) COLD WELDING :It is a process of joining two different materials permanently without any involement of heat. In case of welding we use the tool bit at the lower end but in case of cold welding we used a Hammer (H) at the lower end as shown in fig. 9). 9) \ / The two different materials which are to be welded are placed together below the Hammer H.

Define accousting of Building. (IMP) Define reverberation. Define stan de red reverberation time. (IMP) Write down the Sabine formula. (IMP) Define Echo. Define Echelon effect. (IMP) Define ultrasonic and infrasonic. What is supersonic wares. (IMP) What do you mean by audiable sound? Define magnetastriction effect. Define Piezoelectric effect. What do u mean by SONAR. (IMP) SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS :Explain absorption and reflection of sound. What do you mean by musical sound and Noise? What is reverberation, reverberation time.

Let us suppose R = 1, then egO (1) becomes K=F Hence spring constant may Qe defined as the restoring force set up per unit extension in the spring. Negative sign indicates that restoring force acting in opposite direction of the extension of spring. e F = - mg - ------(2) From equation (1) and (2) we get, mg=K R -------(3 ) Now displace the attached mass to the point D through a distance y below the equilibrium position marked by the point C. Then the total extension will become (e +y) and restoring force will be increase by F', \25\ Then according to Hook's Law, F' = - K (f +y) or F' K f - Ky = - --------( 4) Now subtracting the equation (1) from (4) we get, F' - F = - k f - ky - (- k f ) F' - F = - k f - ky + k f or F' - F = - ky --------( 5) If the mass m is released then the force F' - F will make the mass attached to return to the equilibrium position C.

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