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Durchstarten mit HTML5

HTML5 ist die neueste model der Markup-Sprache, die das net noch einmal gehörig auf den Kopf stellt. Obwohl die Entwicklung noch nicht abgeschlossen ist, werden viele HTML5-Elemente von modernen Browsern schon jetzt unterstützt. Zeit additionally, die Neuerungen zu erkunden und sich healthy für die Zukunft zu machen.

Grundkurs JAVA: Von den Grundlagen bis zu Datenbank- und Netzanwendungen

Der erfolgreiche "Grundkurs Java" in der four. Auflage. Der Leser erh? lt eine strukturierte und anschauliche Einf? hrung in alle grundlegenden Aspekte der Java-Programmierung. Zahlreiche Programmbeispiele und ? bungsaufgaben demonstrieren die Anwendung der verschiedenen Konzepte und Sprachkonstrukte. Der Quellcode aller Programme und die L?

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Accessibility Standards Creating a Web site that is accessible to all users allows your Web site to reach the widest audience. S. federal agency must be usable by people with disabilities. See Appendix C for Section 508 guidelines. Web Site Design and Development After determining the purpose of the Web site and defining the content and functionality, you need to consider the Web site’s design. Some key considerations in Web site design are defining how to organize Web page content, selecting the appropriate Web site structure, determining how to use multimedia, addressing accessibility issues, and designing pages for an international audience.

If you change that question to use a scaled response, such as, “Rate the visual appeal of this Web site, using a scale of 1 for low and 5 for high,” you can get more valuable input from the users. Make sure, however, that the scale itself is clear and understandable to the users. If you intend that a selection of 1 equates to a “low” rating, but the users think a 1 means “high,” then your survey results are questionable. A usability testing questionnaire always should include space for users to write additional explanatory comments.

Do not require name unless necessary HTML Chapter 1 Web Development Life Cycle HTML 23 ask for user’s relationship to organization sample question structure range of choices for answers another sample question structure area for additional comments Figure 1–17 Web site usability testing questionnaire. aspects of Web pages differently, so it is important to test Web pages in several different browsers to verify they appear correctly in each browser. If you have used technologies that are not supported by older browsers or that require plug-ins, consider changing the content or providing alternative Web pages for viewing in older browsers.

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