By B. A. E. Meekings, T. P. Kudrycki, M. D. Soren (auth.)

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The functions getchar and putchar should be part of any non-standard C library and, as their names imply, they communicate single characters from and to the VDU which we are assuming to be our input/output device. For example ch = getchar (); 1* get next character *1 put char (ch); 1* print it *1 or, equivalently putchar (ch = getchar ()); since, in C, an assignment is an expression that yields the value assigned as its result. 5. Chapter 12 lists all the functions which must be defined in any strictly conformant C implementation.

This way of expressing a condition may at first seem strange, but it will usually pennit an elegant expression of our logic. In addition it is economical, in that, when one of the tests within the statement is satisfied and the corresponding action undertaken, execution of the conditional statement tenninates. The use of braces to signify a compound statement adds considerably to the expressive power of the conditional statement, in that the execution of groups of statements can be made dependent on a specific condition.

The task of providing such prototypes is made easier by a new format of function parameter definitions allowed by standard C. 9 1 In the above example, the parameter definition for sUrface is given inside the parentheses in both the function prototype and the function definition. The difference between fonnats of function prototypes and definitions lies only in the absence of the delimiting semicolon in the function definition and the opening brace indicating the beginning of the body of the definition.

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