By Sheila Hardy

A nostalgic, humorous examine what it was once rather wish to be a Fifties housewife during the tales of these who were

Being a housewife within the Nineteen Fifties used to be rather a special event from this present day. After the independence of the wartime years, ladies now needed to go away their jobs once they married and aid their husband by way of making a spotless domestic, scrumptious nutrition, and an inviting bed room. From inventive cleansing advice and ration-book recipes to domestic decor suggestion, the homemaking tools of the Fifties which are accrued right here supply an enjoyable and poignant perception into the lives of Nineteen Fifties girls. This ebook additionally deals heartwarming own anecdotes from girls who launched into married existence in this attention-grabbing postwar interval, delivering a visit down reminiscence lane for any spouse or baby of the Nineteen Fifties.

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