By Susan Ashley


How am i able to support my baby do his homework?
How am i able to get him to comb his the teeth with no arguing with me each night?
What am i able to do whilst he lies in regards to the related factor over and over?
Why doesn't punishment appear to make any difference?

while you're suffering to aid your baby with homework, chores, or habit, what you would like are speedy, effortless, and powerful information you should use without delay. Even getting via likely effortless projects could be a relentless problem that by no means turns out to get more straightforward. As a toddler psychologist focusing on ADHD for greater than two decades, Dr. Ashley is familiar with precisely what mom and dad face each day.

1,000 top information for ADHD provides mom and dad speedy suggestions and easy-to-implement options that make even the hardest days cross smoother.

FIND guidance and proposals ON:

• bettering behavior
• expanding tuition success
• assisting out at domestic
• Interacting with others
• And more!

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What you expect in return from them (they phone if there’s a problem or they’re going to be late; they wash up everything straight after they’ve eaten). qxp:M00_JAY0270_01_SE_C00 29/7/08 14:32 Page 52 go back to walking home; they’ll only be allowed to cook if there’s an adult free to supervise). It’s no good imposing these conditions on your child, of course; you have to get their agreement. They may point out that phoning is a problem as you haven’t yet allowed them a mobile phone, or that they don’t know how to wash up the blender.

Whether it’s the park or the rec, on a bike, with a friend, or with the dog, your child needs to understand that in order to retain the right to go out to play, you require certain undertakings in return. qxp:M00_JAY0270_01_SE_C00 29/7/08 14:32 Page 49 all times, they must turn off their iPod if they’re cycling on the road – whatever conditions you feel are important. And they need to know what will happen if they don’t do this: you’ll ban them from taking the bike, or from going out with certain friends, or maybe even withdraw the right altogether until they’re older.

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